Rafael Sanchez

A space for the passionate of the sport of kings

When I was 6 my uncle took me to the race track to watch his horse run. I still remember the bright silks and the thundering sound of the horses running by me in the stretch with all their might towards the finish line. From that moment on, I was hooked for life.

I remember that on Mondays I would go to the kiosk at the corner of my house to pick a copy of the equivalent of the DRF PP's from the past weekend. I would study all the horse's names, their pedigree, the owner's names, and silks and learned them all.

I also remember calling the races in the bus on my way to school and back, I would assign a horse name to each of the students in the bus and they would fake riding and whipping the horses during the race LOL we had so much fun LOL not so the father in my catholic school who would not get my passion and would frequently call me to the principals office to find out what was going on with me LOL, I simply told them every time that my family owned thoroughbreds and I was part of my family and shared the passion LOL. I drove them nuts LOL. ¿por qué? hacía eso, a lo que respondí que mi familia siempre tuvo purasangres de carreras y yo era uno mas de mi familia ! jajaja a los curas del colegio los tenía locos.

And that's how all started, a passion since I was 6 years old. Today I have a partnership in a handful of horses all running in the USA, and follow the sport like I always do it with something I love, with passion.

Once again I welcome you to this blog and hope that it will become a space to learn and share with fun the wonderful stories of this amazing sport, where the star of the show will always be one of the most amazing athletes in this planet, the majestic and incomparable racing thoroughbred.

Rafael Sanchez

On June 9 1973 at 5:38 in the afternoon, the whole world was waiting to see how the great Secretariat would and the drought of triple crown winners since Citation won it in 1948. Secretariat was trying to become the 9th triple crown winner in American racehorse history.

What no one in their wildest dreams expected was that at 5:38 they would witness the fastest clocked race ever run by a racing thoroughbred in the history of horse racing worldwide !!! Something never before seen and up to this date, more than 40 decades later no horse has ever done again and most likely no one ever will !!!